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During the event attendees privately choose their lineup allowing them to navigate to the people most meaningful for their needs.

Attendees Prioritize

During the event attendees privately choose their lineup allowing them to navigate to the people most meaningful for their needs.

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Rounds will begin when the host hits start. Conversations will automatically switch when the adjustable timer runs out.


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5 star reviews

What Our Attendees Say

Read from the people that were empowered through Amplifier

“Meeting the people behind the brands is powerful. Amplifier is scaling the unscalable: in 30min I made more genuine connections to people in the networks that matter to me than I would normally in several weeks."
Jesse Meek
CEO & Founder | CodeLingo
“Connecting 1-1 with other people is almost always where I find the most value in virtual events. You get to hear about experiences directly and make lasting connections faster"
Nathan Taylor
Co-founder & COO | Partly
“Awesome! Made great connections and even got a valuable intro that made the whole thing pay for itself!”
Abbe Hyde
CTO/Co-founder | Winely
“Amplifier's 1:1 events have been incredibly valuable for me. Connecting with other founders is gold and Amplifier has struck mountains.”
Luke Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO | Vxt
“Connecting with like minded founders is hard. Cutting to the chase and talking the stuff that matters often takes time. Amplifier gets communities of passionate people together in a rapid format that helps share knowledge and solve problems faster within its trust based environment."
Alex McCall
EHF Fellow
“1:1 speed sessions were of great value. Instantly connected with other founders and to share experiences has been priceless. Some connections have remained with other founders months after meeting them on 1:1 speed sessions”
Maxie Kemara
CEO/Founder | Usshh
“The 1:1 founder speed session I did was genuinely really enjoyable. It was awesome to meet other Kiwi entrepreneurs, share stories, have a laugh, and provide thoughts & perspective on the challenges each of us were facing at the time”
Carl Meyer
Founder | Kohā Organics
“The Start-up journey is a rollercoaster and you can feel like your going round in circles. Connecting with and learning from other founders has been invaluable for me. Amplifier makes this possible in a seamless, fun and enjoyable way”
Toby Skilton
Cofounder & MD | Mutu
“For each founder I really connected with, I have since kept in communication. I found the 1:1 - founder to founder chats are really open and full of great truths and advice. It was a great space to share stories with others who are on the same journey.  It’s a great platform.”
James Ferrier
Founder | Biofab
“Amplifier's 1:1 speed sessions are perfect for anyone looking to meet real people who are dealing with the same challenges. The shared knowledge from a quick chat that could be continued later is incredible, not to mention the network that you build and the ideas that you solidify.”
Jayden Bartram
Founder & CEO | Couchdrop
“I found the 1:1 sessions just what I needed. Straight up, to the point, and a fun way to build connections based on what was on our minds. Looking forward to the next one already.”
Hugh Walcott
Founder & CTO | Stratamap
“Cuts through the noise and lets you rapidly build meaningful connections with other founders”
Aleks Dahlberg
Founder | Saaha
“Really enjoyed chatting to other founders and learning about their journeys. As a business located outside of the traditional centres - we see few start-up events, it's a great way to network and share experiences”
Hadleigh Ford
Founder & CEO | Saaha