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Up to 25 participants per event

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26+ participants and event insights

“Meeting the people behind the brands is powerful. Amplifier is scaling the unscalable: in 30min I made more genuine connections to people in the networks that matter to me than I would normally in several weeks."
Jesse Meek
CEO & Founder | CodeLingo
“Connecting 1-1 with other people is almost always where I find the most value in virtual events. You get to hear about experiences directly and make lasting connections faster"
Nathan Taylor
Co-founder & COO| Partly
“Awesome! Made great connections and even got a valuable intro that made the whole thing pay for itself!”
Abbe Hyde
CTO/Co-founder |

“Amplifier's 1:1 events have been incredibly valuable for me. Connecting with other founders is gold and Amplifier has struck mountains.”
Luke Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO |

“Connecting with like minded founders is hard. Cutting to the chase and talking the stuff that matters often takes time. Amplifier gets communities of passionate people together in a rapid format that helps share knowledge and solve problems faster within its trust based environment."
Alex McCall
EHF Fellow
“1:1 speed sessions were of great value. Instantly connected with other founders and to share experiences has been priceless. Some connections have remained with other founders months after meeting them on 1:1 speed sessions”
Maxie Kemara
CEO/ Founder |  Usshh
“The 1:1 founder speed session I did was genuinely really enjoyable. It was awesome to meet other Kiwi entrepreneurs, share stories, have a laugh, and provide thoughts & perspective on the challenges each of us were facing at the time”
Carl Meyer
Founder |  Kohā Organics
“The Start-up journey is a rollercoaster and you can feel like your going round in circles. Connecting with and learning from other founders has been invaluable for me. Amplifier makes this possible in a seamless, fun and enjoyable way”
Toby Skilton
Cofounder & MD | Mutu
For each founder I really connected with, I have since kept in communication. I found the 1:1 - founder to founder chats are really open and full of great truths and advice. It was a great space to share stories with others who are on the same journey.  It’s a great platform.
James Ferrier
Founder |  BioFab
“Amplifier's 1:1 speed sessions are perfect for anyone looking to meet real people who are dealing with the same challenges. The shared knowledge from a quick chat that could be continued later is incredible, not to mention the network that you build and the ideas that you solidify.”
Jayden Bartram
Founder & CEO|  Couchdrop
“I found the 1:1 sessions just what I needed. Straight up, to the point, and a fun way to build connections based on what was on our minds. Looking forward to the next one already.”
Hugh Walcott
Founder & CTO |  StrataMap
“Cuts through the noise and lets you rapidly build meaningful connections with other founders”
Aleks Dahlberg
Founder  |  Sahha
“Really enjoyed chatting to other founders and learning about their journeys. As a business located outside of the traditional centres - we see few start-up events, it's a great way to network and share experiences”
Hadleigh Ford
Founder & CEO |  SwipedOn

Unlock your people power